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Milo Moses

I am an undergraduate at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

I study the algebraic theory of topological quantum computing. Buzzwords: modular tensor categories, anyon models, topological quantum phases of matter.

I am a community member at MathOverflow and Math Stack Exchange. I write articles for the nLab, and last summer I was a quantum computing intern at BEIT.

I'm writing a book.

Open problem: Is my favorite number 0?


My CV is rather short, and can be found here.

My email is "milomoses [at] ucsb.edu".

If I were a Springer-Verlag Graduate Text in Mathematics, I would be Saunders Mac Lane's Categories for the Working Mathematician.

I provide an array of general ideas useful in a wide variety of fields. Starting from foundations, I illuminate the concepts of category, functor, natural transformation, and duality. I then turn to adjoint functors, which provide a description of universal constructions, an analysis of the representation of functors by sets of morphisms, and a means of manipulating direct and inverse limits.

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Last updated: March 31, 2024