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"Dawn of the topological age?", Arthur Ramirez, Brian Skinner, 2020

Reviewed December 16, 2023

Citation: Ramirez, Arthur P., and Brian Skinner. "Dawn of the topological age?." Physics Today 73.9 (2020): 30-36.

Web: https://pubs.aip.org/physicstoday/article/73/9/30/389090/Dawn-of-the-topological-age-Nontrivial-electron

Tags: Expository, Hardware, Pedagogical, Topological-insulators, Materials-applications

This article gives an introduction to the field of topological materials, aimed at other professional scientists. The main thesis is this: "We have theoretical understanding and many ideas for novel devices, but ongoing materials development suggests the tantalizing possibility of our being at the dawn of a topological age". One especially enjoyable part of the article is the end, where the authors give a quick survey of potential applications of (2+1)-dimensional materials in new-generation devices. In particular, the authors focus on Weyl/Dirac semimetals.