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"A Family of Non-Abelian Kitaev Models on a Lattice: Topological Confinement and Condensation", Hector Bombin, Miguel Martin-Delgado, 2008

Reviewed August 21, 2023

Citation: Bombin, Hector, and M. A. Martin-Delgado. "Family of non-Abelian Kitaev models on a lattice: Topological condensation and confinement." Physical Review B 78.11 (2008): 115421.

Web: https://arxiv.org/abs/0712.0190

Tags: Kitaev-quantum-double, Expository, Pedagogical, Defects/boundaries

This paper gives a very nice pedagogical introduction to the non-abelian quantum double model, without making reference to quasi-triangular Hopf algebras. They then use this simplified language to study an extension of the model in which more symmetry breaking is introduced. Namely, there are extra parameters to the model given by subgroups of your gauge group, and the new symmetry group is the quotient of these subgroups.