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"Manipulating Topological Phases in Magnetic Topological Insulators", Gang Qiu et al., 2023

Reviewed December 16, 2023

Citation: Qiu, Gang, et al. "Manipulating Topological Phases in Magnetic Topological Insulators." Nanomaterials 13.19 (2023): 2655.

Web: https://www.mdpi.com/2079-4991/13/19/2655

Tags: Hardware, Physical, Topological-insulators, Materials-applications

This paper gives a survey of the field of magnetic topological insulators, with a focus on their coherent manipulation for technological purposes. As a reminder, a magnetic topological insulator is a topological insulator whose topological phase is not induced by an external magnetic field. Instead, the phase is induced by specialized spin-orbit coupling terms within the material. Many of the proposals for applications of topological phases of matter come from magnetic topological insulators, because they don't require a strong external magnetic field. However, these materials are still exotic and we have yet to master their manipulation. Other good surveys of the field exist, including

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