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"Quantum Control in the Cs 6S_(1/2) Ground Manifold Using r-f and mu-w Magnetic Fields", Poul Jessen's lab, 2013

Reviewed August 18, 2023

Citation: Smith, A., et al. "Quantum Control in the Cs 6S_ {1/2} Ground Manifold Using rf and {\mu} w Magnetic Fields." arXiv preprint arXiv:1308.4731 (2013).

Web: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1308.4731.pdf

Tags: Abelian-anyons, Physical, Hardware

This paper shows that you can get high-fidelity control of even high-dimensional qudit systems. Namely, they perform an experiment on the (16-dimensional) ground electric manifold of Caesium 133. The result is high fidelity control of this 16-dimensional system, with the ability to perform any unitary operation.

Of course, this technology is nowhere near what we can do with qubits, and there is no indication that this is the best way to do quantum computation. Highly likely is that the best way to implement is 16 dimensional system is to work with four 2 dimensional systems.