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"Quasi-quantum groups related to orbifold models", Robbert Dijkgraaf, Vincent Pasquier, Philippe Roche, 1990

Reviewed December 31, 2023

Citation: Dijkgraaf, Robbert, Vincent Pasquier, and Philippe Roche. "Quasi-quantum groups related to orbifold models." Proc. Modern Quantum Field Theory, Tata Institute, Bombay (1990): 375-383.

Web: https://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/document?repid=rep1&type=pdf&doi=7d763f033462bd49fe945ff9125e050139beb68f

Tags: Foundational, Mathematical, Kitaev-quantum-double, TQFT, Quantum-groups

This paper introduced the twisted quantum double construction associated to any finite group G and twisting cocycle \omega. This work was then elaborated on in

> Dijkgraaf, Robbert, Vincent Pasquier, and Philippe Roche. "Quasi hopf algebras, group cohomology and orbifold models." Nuclear Physics B-Proceedings Supplements 18.2 (1991): 60-72.

This mathematical work arose out of the need to understand the then-new Dijkgraaf-Witten theory:

> Dijkgraaf, Robbert, and Edward Witten. "Topological gauge theories and group cohomology." Communications in Mathematical Physics 129 (1990): 393-429.