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"Spin networks in gauge theory", John Baez, 1996

Reviewed October 1, 2023

Citation: Baez, John C. "Spin networks in gauge theory." Advances in Mathematics 117.2 (1996): 253-272.

Web: https://arxiv.org/abs/gr-qc/9411007

Tags: Pedagogical, Mathematical, Physical

This is a wonderful introduction to spin networks, and their underlying gauge theory. The most important takeaway is the first line: "Penrose [14] introduced the notion of a spin network as an attempt to go beyond the concept of a manifold towards a more combinatorial approach to spacetime", with "[14]" being the reference

> Penrose, Roger. "Angular momentum: an approach to combinatorial space-time." Quantum theory and beyond 151 (1971).

As with everything Baez writes this article is very pedagogical, and is certainly the article to read on this subject.