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"Topological quantum information theory", Louis Kauffman, Samuel Lomonaco, 2009

Reviewed October 7, 2023

Citation: Kauffman, Louis H., and Samuel J. Lomonaco. "Topological quantum information theory." Proceedings of Symposia in Applied Mathematics. Vol. 68. 2009.

Web: http://homepages.math.uic.edu/~kauffman/Quanta.pdf

Tags: Expository, Pedagogical, TQFT

Louis Kauffman has an amazingly unique spin on everything he does. He has a series of surveys of TQC, where he offers his own insights and clarifications along the way, with the one at hand being decidedly the longest:

> Kauffman, Louis H. "Quantum computing and the Jones polynomial." Contemporary Mathematics 305 (2002): 101-138.
> Kauffman, Louis H., and Samuel J. Lomonaco. "Quantum entanglement and topological entanglement." New Journal of Physics 4.1 (2002): 73.

These articles are certainly commitments to read, but offer great perspectives on the field.